Introduction to Marketing

Marketing is a crucial function in all businesses and organizations, and is becoming increasingly cr...View Details

Accountant in Business

Don’t have a business background but want to understand how people and systems of an organisation in...View Details

Financial Accounting

This course introduces the principles of financial accounting, and will allow learners to demonstrat...View Details

Intermediate Financial and Management Accounting

Intermediate Financial and Management Accounting is part two of a programme designed for anyone who ...View Details

Introduction to Financial and Management Accounting

Interested in a career in business? Knowledge of finance will be key to your success. This Introduct...View Details

Management Accounting

This course introduces different ways of managing finances within an organisation with the aim of en...View Details

Results-Based Project Management: Monitoring and Evaluation

In this project management course, you will learn the basics of results-based management, including ...View Details

Introduction to Inclusive Talent Acquisition

How do you foster a company culture that supports a diverse workforce, including employees with disa...View Details

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