Introduction to Modeling and Simulation

This subject provides an introduction to modeling and simulation, covering continuum methods, atomis...View Details

Seminar: Fusion and Plasma Physics (Spring 2006)

This course uses lectures and discussion to introduce the range of topics relevant to plasma physics...View Details

Introduction to Applied Nuclear Physics

This class covers basic concepts of nuclear physics with emphasis on nuclear structure and interacti...View Details

Nuclear Systems Design Project (Fall 2011)

This capstone course is a group design project involving integration of nuclear physics, particle tr...View Details

Neutron Science and Reactor Physics

This course introduces fundamental properties of the neutron. It covers reactions induced by neutron...View Details

Principles of Medical Imaging

An introduction to the principles of tomographic imaging and its applications. It includes a series ...View Details

Engineering of Nuclear Systems

In this course, students explore the engineering design of nuclear power plants using the basic prin...View Details

Introduction to Electronics, Signals, and Measurement

The course is designed to provide a practical - hands on - introduction to electronics with a focus ...View Details

Introduction to Sustainable Energy (Fall 2010)

This class assesses current and potential future energy systems, covering resources, extraction, con...View Details

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