Visual Thinking for Business - Make Your Point

In today’s business environment, your success depends on being seen, heard and remembered. Integrate visual communication elements, command attention ...View Details

Presentation Skills for Business

The ability to speak in public and communicate professionally are essential business skills. This course provides you with the techniques and resource...View Details

Die neue Kunst des Networking

Je besser du vernetzt bist, desto leichter erreichst du alle deine Ziele. Doch wie vernetzt du dich richtig? Welche Fehler solltest du vermeiden? Lern...View Details

Corporate Digital Learning

Learn how to optimise your company’s education processes with Corporate Digital Learning (CDL). Improve engagement, knowledge transfer and job perform...View Details

Predictive Analytics in Commerce

Learn how to use predictive modelling and its applications in commerce. This course will enable you to maximise marketing effectiveness and drive reve...View Details

Digital Marketing – Critical Success Factors

Digital marketing has changed tremendously over the last few years. At the same time, there has never been more pressure on marketers to reach their g...View Details

Leadership Skills in the European Context

Do you hold a high position in an international organisation or aim to do so in the future? Join this course to build invaluable leadership skills tha...View Details

Social Innovation MOOC (EN)

Social Innovations change the rules by which people live together. Learn what social innovations are and how they can be developed. Because the way we...View Details

Changemaker MOOC - Social Entrepreneurship

Der Changemaker MOOC ist ein Kurs zur Planung von sozial und ökologisch nachhaltigen Projekten. Teilnehmer lernen, gesellschaftliche Probleme unterneh...View Details

Political Philosophy: An Introduction

Are you interested in politics? Get the stimulus you need by learning philosophical approaches that will help you both understand and go beyond the co...View Details

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