Introduction to Numerical Analysis for Engineering (13.002J)

This course is offered to undergraduates and introduces students to the formulation, methodology, an...View Details

Introduction to Bioengineering (BE.010J)

Bioengineering at MIT is represented by the diverse curricula offered by most Departments in the Sch...View Details

Introduction to Sustainable Energy (Fall 2010)

This class assesses current and potential future energy systems, covering resources, extraction, con...View Details

Transport Processes

Principles of heat and mass transfer. Steady and transient conduction and diffusion. Radiative heat ...View Details

Separation Processes

This course covers the general principles of separation by equilibrium and rate processes. Topics in...View Details

Introduction to Modeling and Simulation

This subject provides an introduction to modeling and simulation, covering continuum methods, atomis...View Details

Chemical and Biological Reaction Engineering

This course applies the concepts of reaction rate, stoichiometry and equilibrium to the analysis of ...View Details

Fundamentals of Advanced Energy Conversion (Spring 2004)

This course covers fundamentals of thermodynamics, chemistry, flow and transport processes as applie...View Details

Molecular Aspects of Chemical Engineering (Fall 2004)

This class covers molecular-level engineering and analysis of chemical processes. The use of chemica...View Details

Electrochemical Energy Systems (Spring 2014)

This course introduces principles and mathematical models of electrochemical energy conversion and s...View Details

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