Introduction to User Experience

This UX course provides an introduction to the fields of UX research and design. Learners will gain ...View Details

Evaluating Designs with Users

When designing systems that work for users, there is no substitute for watching them try to use the ...View Details

UX (User Experience) Capstone

In this UX capstone course, you’ll conduct a multi-stage user experience project to design a product...View Details

Circular Economy: An Introduction

Our global society is not sustainable. We all know about the challenges we’re facing: waste, climate...View Details

Design in Healthcare: Using Patient Journey Mapping

In this course you will learn about the  different experiences patients go through in a medical...View Details

Design Leadership and Innovation

There is no doubt that innovation is key to progress. Companies worldwide invest millions per year o...View Details

Product Design: The Delft Design Approach

Do you want to learn how to design? Using the Delft Design Approach, you will learn how to use a num...View Details

Design Practice in Business

Are you a design practitioner eager to become more strategic? Are you a business professional who wa...View Details

Implementing Customer Insights for Your Business

The ultimate success of products and services depends on your ability to understand the wishes, moti...View Details

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